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Airboard Summerspeed 2017

Sprungschanze Einsiedeln

All that have been standing up there the fingers cramping around the airboard handles, know about the collywobbles in the stomach - just before dropping downhill headfirst. Everyone arrives at the bottom but that's not enough - if you like to climb the winners platform you should reach a speed at approx. 100 KmH

Join us on June 17th.  to compete with your friends andtough competitors. The Airboards can be rented localy or you bring your own. Nevertheless  only unmanipulated airboards are allowed in competion. If you like to ride a tuned maschine that's OK, but it will be excluded from the regular race competion. To speed you up - we allow soft soap - or maybe you find something more effective at the shop of Beate Use.

Phantasie shows are very welcome, but these should be discussed with the organiser prevous to the event.

Categories: men / women

17.00 Opening and test runs
18.30 First Run 117m WorldCup jump
19.45 Second Run 117m WorldCup jump
21.00 Award ceremony
(prices for the first three women and men)
Lottery of the tombola from another five prices from the starters.

Until 22:00 entertainment for the evening

Online until the 11th of June 2017. 
There are max. 120 launch pad available.
Use this link here

Starters with their own equipement Fr. 38.-
(incl. 1 food-voucher und 1 dose Trojka Energy)

Starters with a *rental equipement Fr. 68.-
(incl. 1 food-voucher und 1 dose Trojka Energy)
*helmet, gloves, Airboard

For visitors free

Drinks, barbecue und raclette

Helmet, gloves secure

Parking available on the whole jumping area. Public transport available 10 minutes by foot from Bahnhof Einsiedeln.

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Airboard Summerspeed 2017