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Airboard ROCKET 2017


Stand-up paddling is undoubtedly the fastest-growing water sports. Consequently it is no surprise that manufacturers of various brands are investing time to developing a SUP with great speed and perfect glide characteristics. We will see who has done best in up-comping SUP races.

In summer 2015 SUP-Tour-Switzerland has launched. It is an event, taking place in different regions by the water nine times over a period of three months. Many professionals have competed with lightweight carbon boards. An increasing amount of hobby-athletes has joined the races as well in the category inflatable SUPs.
In this field an invention of fun-care AG in Zug has attracted attention. At first spectators were suspicious when they saw the Airboard Rocket for the first time: Its dolphin-shaped nose is not something you see every day. Despite those critics, Airboard Rocket has not failed to cause amazement by making the first place frequently.
During winter the prizewinning Rocket has been further improved. The newest version 2017 is faster than last years prototype. This improvement has been achieved by making the shape thinner and more narrow and covering the underside with a speed coating.

If anyone would like to have a go with the new Rocket: It can be rented at fun-care and at some of our partners' stations - even to take part in the SUP- Tour races.

interactive Rocket movie

Airboard ROCKET 2017