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Airboard ROCKET - The Movie




Airboard ROCKET - the fastest inflatable SUP!

The completely new shape is an eye-catcher.
The dolphin-like nose of the Airboard ROCKET works like a displacement hull where the nose reduces the water resistance.

The production movie shows the diffrent features of the race board and visualizes why the Airboard ROCKET is the fastest inflatable SUP on the market.

Feedback from Rocket customers (translated from the original german versions)

“The rocket is a high performance SUP, which glides through the water like an arrow and therefore it offers a variety of possibilities. Just really cool…”- Betschart, Thomas from Steinhausen

“I am truly positive surprised by the performance of the Rocket, because the fast board glides greatly and offers heaps of fun even in choppy water and downwind. Despite the narrow nose it feels just as stable as a 28inch wide 14. I even start to take its appearance to my heart.”- Rybin, Robin from Suporama in Oberengstringen

“Taking off with the Rocket you will never know wether it overtakes you or not – truly a beast.”- Thomke, Roland from Bellach

“Never have I seen a SUP with comparable directness and slide-characteristics.”- Schultes, Holger from Uetikon

"Ever since I have been on the Rocket for the first time, I know what gliding on the water truly is"- Bachmann, Peter from Steinen